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Great Protection - Verified Buyer
Awesome for keeping carpets clean. Mud, rain etc. Good purchase.
Francis M, KS
Quiet - Verified Buyer
Perfect fit. Contain spills. Quiet rubber, not noisy plastic.
Mike H, MO
These are a Bargain - Verified Buyer
Northridge mats are a bargain when comparing them to other made to fit options. Thicker and even better coverage than the Subaru OEM all weather mats at about the same price. Glad I found these before winter set in.
Edward B, CA
High Quality - Verified Buyer
The Northridge trunk mat I received is very high quality and fit very well. I would easily recommend this product.
steven h, NY
Ideal - Verified Buyer
I absolutely love these mats. The herringbone design looks good, and thes separated sections are ideal. I brought the kids home from baseball practice the first night I had the mats. The dirt from their shoes was contained in individual spaces, not smeared across the mat, and easy to vacuum out.
Earl S, CO
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