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Truck Covers - Select custom or Semi Custom



Unbeatable Selection and Value

National Car Covers offers a wide variety of styles and performance levels for all types of trucks. Truck covers from National Car Covers are built to demanding quality specifications. Rest assured that our truck covers will protect your vehicle from the harshest elements that nature can dish out. Whether it’s punishing UV rays, rain, snow, or ice, every one of our covers are designed and manufactured to perform season after season for years to come. Innovative features, quality fabric and best fit are all found in every one of our products.

National Car Covers recognizes that not everyone has a garage. Without the protection of indoor garage storage, your truck is left outside to fend off the elements on its own. A truck cover is the next best thing. They offer your truck the protection it needs from harsh elements. Dirt, dust, rain, snow, hail and ultraviolet radiation are just some of the elements that can wreak havoc on an unprotected truck. Fortunately, your truck does not have to go into battle un-armed. Not only do truck covers provide protection from outdoor and indoor elements, they will also provide you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected from nature’s fury.

When choosing a truck cover, it is important to consider what you are protecting it from. Truck covers offer a range of protection for your truck. From basic all-weather protection to superior, element-specific protection.

Custom-Fit Truck Covers

Custom-fit truck covers are completely custom made for your specific truck.  If you're looking for a perfectly snug cover that hugs your truck's every line and curve, then a custom-fit truck cover is what you want! Coverking is the manufacturer of these premium truck covers, and offers dozens of highly specialized fabrics that are constructed to your truck's exact specifications. These beautiful truck covers are made-to-order in the fabric, color, and style of your choice.  The fabrics and materials used by these industry leaders are truly top-shelf.

National Covers carries a wide assortment of Coverking® custom-fit truck covers including:

  • Triguard™
  • Coverbond-4™
  • Mosom Plus™
  • Silverguard™
  • Satin Stretch Custom Covers™
  • Stormproof™
  • Autobody Armor™

Semi Custom Truck Covers

A "semi-custom" fit truck cover is a universal fit design that accommodates a variety of vehicles within a certain size group. Semi-custom truck covers are great for sharing between vehicles, whereas a custom-fit truck cover will only fit one specific truck. A semi-custom fit cover is a general or "casual" fit and is not perfectly tailored like a custom-fit cover is. Mirror pockets and antenna pockets are not included on a semi-custom cover.

National Covers carries an assortment of Coverking® semi-custom truck covers including:

  • Coverguard™
  • Triguard™
  • Coverbond 4™

The National Covers Advantage

                        Swatch Layout Trucks

National Covers designs its own fabrics and works with the world’s leading textile mills to handle manufacturing. With quality assurance teams dedicated to check every batch of fabric, National Covers ensures that the material used in our products meet the most stringent assessments. We check to see if our material is breathable, allowing for the proper release of moisture. We exposed our fabrics to intense UV rays to make sure our fabrics do not fade over time. We go through a series of stress test to make sure the materials hold up for everyday conditions. Above all, our covers are checked before reaching our customer to ensure quality.

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